Innovative solution for monitoring the elderly and the sick

  • Safety areas

    You can easily set safe areas, customise to the needs of localized person. When the ward is in safe area, we concede that he is safe. However, when he pass the safe area you will be informed by SMS.

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  • Calling help

    Some localization appliances have the „SOS” alarm buton. Its usage sends the immediate emergency information to the relatives or carers, for example (the appliance must be within the reach of the mobile net). The configuration of the appliance is very easy and intuitive.

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  • Monitoring on-line

    The GPS Life virtually accompanies the person you look after. Thanks to it, even when you are at work or shopping, you always know where they are. The messages are sent by the mobile phone or the Internet. The GPS-Life system can monitor many people at the same time.

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  • Localization on request

    At any time you can check where is your ward. You will get information via internet or SMS. For your comfort instead of geopgraphical coordinates system will show you name of cities, streets and , if it is possible, number of building.

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  • Intelligent alerts

    The system enables to ascribe various actions to specific events. Leaving the safety area by the person you take care of, for example, results in sending the text message to your phone number. Additionally, the information is also sent to the people indicated by you, or to those who are close to the place, for example, and are eager to help.  The developed help network is more effective and provides faster reaction in emergency.

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  • History of routes

    History of routes allows you to check where monitored person moves. This knowledge determines the efficacy of searching of lost people.

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  • Context help and customizations

    GPS Life contains easy to use customizations, that step-by-step helps you to set up devices and system. Additionaly GPS Life contains context help, that describe meaning of all important elements. 

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