Innovative solution for monitoring the elderly and the sick

Product description Locator GL200

Urządzenie Queclink GL200
bransoletka alzheimer gps
lokalizator osoby starszej -etui
  • Urządzenie Queclink GL200
  • bransoletka alzheimer gps
  • lokalizator osoby starszej -etui

Locator GL200

Price: 79.00

  • Subscription

    1 year

    49 PLN / month

  • Subscription

    1 year

    79 PLN / month

  • Subscription

    1 years

    99 PLN / month

Product description

Small size, compact housing and weather resistance makes GL200 locator the best choice for patients suffering from Alzheimer's, and people losing their sense of orientation in area. This device is intended primarily for sick people who run away from their houses or lose their sense of orientation in area.

In connection with GPS Life system this small locator gives huge possibilities:

  • determination of safe areas associated with SMS notification
  • online reporting on the current location of device
  • motion sensor helps to shut of device while there is no movement
  • notification about low battery and device discharge
  • and many, many others.

The set includes:

  • GL200 personal locator
  • charger
  • 14-day access to the GPS Life system (test)
  • case that reduces risk of pulling out the device (attached to the belt)
  • manual


GL200 was tested with GPS Life by families and wards of the Alzheimer's Association from Poznan, and Lesser Poland Foundation Supporting People Affected by Alzheimer's Disease from Krakow


WARNING: Due to individual degree of disability of each patient (different phases of the disease) locator won't work in every case. Particular, if we are not able to hide device or our ward can not get used to it. Locator has a GSM modem - similar to modem that you can find in mobile phones. DEVICE CAN NOT BE USED BY PERSONS WHO SHOULD NOT USE MOBILE PHONES. In case of doubt, please contact your doctor.

Technical Specifications

Waterproof: IPX5 (water stream poured on the housing does not cause any harmful side effects)
Size: 67,5 x 40 x 21 mm
Weight: 60 g
Battery: Lithium Polymer 1300 mAh 3,7 V
standby time: 5 ÷ 400 hours
Remote Configuration: YES
Service area: 5 areas
Alarm low battery: YES

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